Objective, Aligned Perspective

As an independent advisor, we can be objective in our advice and transparent in our fees and services. We have the flexibility and freedom to choose from a broad global selection of high-quality investments based on your objectives. We are 100 percent employee-owned and invest alongside our clients, aligning our interests with yours.


Full-Service Asset Management

For private clients looking for complete asset management, we construct, implement, and oversee all aspects of their portfolio. Regis takes a long-term, valuation-based approach to investing, focused on preservation of capital and reduction of risk. Our conservative perspective allows for both steady growth and needed liquidity to help ensure financial security and peace of mind.


Coordinated Tax Efficiency

With a focus on capital preservation, we pay close attention to tax implications when designing private client portfolios. We partner with our clients’ tax, estate planning, and legal advisors, holding regular all-hands meetings to help ensure investment decisions are well-integrated with tax and estate planning strategies.



Regis works with private and family foundations in developing and managing their asset management strategies. Volatility and complexity in the capital markets often make it difficult for foundation investment committees to meet their fiduciary obligations while working on a part-time basis. Day-to-day portfolio oversight is essential to help ensure that portfolio goals are being met and capital is preserved.


Exclusive Access

For Regis' principals and their families, we have combined our best ideas in asset allocation, fund selection and portfolio management experience in a diversified, transparent "all-weather" portfolio. By consolidating our expertise, we have endeavored to create a portfolio with attractive risk and return characteristics, as well as lower investment requirements. We subsequently invited a select and like-minded group of investors to participate in this opportunity, although Regis employees remain the primary participants.